Speedpaint of OC

personawesome.pngHere is an Oc I created. I posted the speedpaint here: https://youtu.be/7E32i8Maykc

Check it out!


What I’ve been working on… (Surprise)

As you all know, I haven’t been posting so much lately. Here is the reason why:

I’ve been working on an episode story! I’ve only made 3 episodes so far and you can check them out!

The story is called Romance in France. It is about a girl named Amber who finds herself in a situation when her school sponsors her and 4 other students for a trick to France. If you have Episode or would like to read this story, you just have to go to this link on your IOS or Andriod devices:


Thanks for sticking around and I hope you check out my episode story!

Drawing Cute Things: Expectation vs Reality


I know I haven’t posted in a long time! Sorry! Anyways, here is an expectation and reality thing. I just remembered how hard it is to draw with a tablet! My lines are coming out too thick or too thin or in the wrong place. Ugh…

Anyways, I know my cats don’t look too great, but I tried. I hope you enjoy!

Btw, if you think that the reality looks better than the expectation then… ummm